Monday, January 12, 2009


I was never made to write poetry...I don't really mind reading it too much, but I'm terrible at writing it myself. In 6th grade we had to write a "poetry book" and mine was...horrible...but anyway, we were told in English to compare an emotion to a thing, like a window, leaf, grass, crayon, etc. This is what I came up with; my measly attempt at poetry...I know, I shouldn't try

The fog is there as soon as one gets up
in the morning.
It hits as soon as the blinds open,
wiping away the innocent feelings of sleep.

Gray, damp, lingering
A sheet of feeling that hides other,
sunny emotions.
The fog lifts as the day goes by,
hidden beneath the sun of distractions,
but it always comes back in the mornings.
Optimism is scarce in the fog of guilt.

Disclaimer: I don't actually feel guilty about anything...I merely thought of guilt when I thought of fog, and, voila, there's the poem...I guess I could of thought of allergies, but that would have lead me to writing about Claritin Clear, so no-go...


Gudl said...

I just saw this poem lying on your desk this morning and I thought already then that I like it a lot!

Lydia said...

I like it! The only thing that's not the best is it's so depressing!!! ;-P Haha! But that doesn't really bring it down. It's just a personal opinion.

It's good though! You are your own worst critic!


Amy Marie said...

My dear Melissa... don't ever say you are not good at poetry. This poem speaks to me in many ways. Fog is heavy and is like depression, but once it lifts we always feel better, especially when the Son shines...

Many hidden thoughts are in this poem.
Amazing.. God has blessed you little, little sis.. (LLS) your mama is big sis and I am little sis ! haha